Monday, 26 November 2012

Ring the Belle's

Hello there.

I thought it was about time I introduced myself as the new face of the Bridal Boot Fair. Charlie and Emily very kindly passed me the Boot Fair baton earlier this year and I am loving getting organised for my first one, Belle's Bridal Boot Fair.

I have a new venue and a new feel for the event but's it's still very much how Charlie and Emily started it and is still focused on up cycling weddings and giving couple-to-be a chance to get their hands on fantastic bargains which have been used only once.

One of the most exciting changes is that we are introducing the 'MAKE your Fabulous Wedding' area. This will be ideal for brides-to-be looking for ways to save money by making their own bits and bobs, we will have a button hole workshop, do your bridesmaids vintage make-up, and a bunting workshop, with more to be confirmed.

The new venue is in the heart of Hove, The Ralli Hall, opposite the station on the corner of Denmark Villas, it's a beautiful space and lends itself well to all the lovely things we'll have inside. The wonderful Jamqueen will be selling cakes and tea for you to warm up with too.

I am looking for more brides for the February 3rd event and tables are only £15, all you have to do it e-mail me or visit the site for more info

I am also looking for wedding suppliers that might have end of line products they want to sell on at bargain prices, anything from props to dresses, vases to drink baths. If you have something to sell, book now!

Please note that this blog will be closing shortly as we have our own blog at

Thanks all,
Kelly x