Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Gorgeous garden wedding accessories

Anna will be at the Brighton Bridal Boot Fayre selling some of her wedding items from her gorgeous garden wedding, she has table settings, place names, garden tealight holders and also a bridesmaid dress.

Photography credit: Sarah Bourne

Alongside selling her leftover wedding bits Anna will be offering for hire vintage crockery for any occasion, she can cater for up to 100. The teacups and cake stands are just perfect for any afternoon tea. Contact Anna if you are interested.

Photography credit: Dominic Whiten


  1. one loves frilly pink, the other sully black, one is all sweet and spicy, the other all self-expression and self-awareness- Hello Kitty and Goth wedding dresses share deep similarities. For one, both are valid avenues for personal expressions of affiliation, of belonging, of character. For another, both have its own avid following in Japan and elsewhere, often combining them in one Goth ensemble. And both are sweetly scary and scarily sweet!

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  3. They are so exquisite. It is easy to have perfect garden wedding party if have these nice garden wedding accessories.
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  4. Truly these are gorgeous garden wedding accessories. I am totally in love with each and everything. At a local LA venue we also attended a DIY ceremony and that too had stunning elements. The entire décor stuff was handmade by the couple which I totally loved.