Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Wedding - bits and pieces for sale

Hi! My name is Emily, and here's a piccy of me and my lovely tall husband at our wedding 7 months ago.

Having spent the weekend at Charlies' beautiful village fete wedding and seeing all the gorgeous bits and pieces that she had acquired for it, I decided to blog about my own wedding and show you some of the things that I will be selling at the Brighton Bridal Boot Fayre. 

My wedding was a vintage affair and took place in Hangleton Manor in Brighton. My husband Andy and I knew as soon as we walked in, that this was the place we wanted to get married. It is the oldest building in Brighton & Hove, except for the Pavillion, and is a really stunning place. It also allowed me to fulfil my dream of getting married in a pub!!

The whole style of my wedding was built around some Laura Ashley paper that I had picked up in the sales. I have some of this left over and will be selling it at the Boot Fayre.

I had visualised a vintage wedding and Hangleton Manor suited this theme extremely well. My dress was from Fur Coat No Knickers, a brilliant shop full of vintage dresses and accessories. The girls there were ace and really made me feel comfortable. They also provided an all round service. They found me shoes, jewellery and made me a gorgeous head piece to match my dress from the excess material - it was originally a size 16! This sort of service really suited me as it was almost like having a personal stylist for my wedding and it also took the stress out of finding all the individual pieces I needed for my wedding day. Unfortunately my dress is the one thing I wont be selling, as I have fallen completely in love with it - and if i can ever fit in it again I think it is definitely something I will wear in the future.

The next thing was table centrepieces. I'd seen on the Ruffled blog, a wedding where old vintage bottles, filled with flowers, were used for the centrepieces and that was perfect to complete my vintage look for the day. Andy and I spent most weekends leading up to the wedding at car boot sales, scouring for vintage bottles to use. This was a lot of fun - but also very time consuming having to go to lots of different car boot sales and flea markets. Some of these vintage bottles will be on my stand at the Boot Fayre for any of you lovely lot to buy!

As Hangleton Manor's interior is already vintage looking, there wasnt a lot that I had to do in terms of decoration for the hall. I loved the ornaments and accessories already in there, it really is a beautiful place. 

Now I have some photos of my tables and some touches from my wedding, some of these bits are for sale at the Brighton Bridal Boot Fayre. 

If you have anything you want to sell from your wedding, please book a table at the Brighton Bridal Boot Fayre. Pleas feel free to bring your wedding photos so you can show others how you used your bits and pieces and maybe give them inspiration on how to style their wedding. 

To book a table please email

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