Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Handmade Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses by Dominico Kuanang

Karina came to the wedding fayre in March and didnt manage to sell her dresses, so we thought we'd give her an opportunity to advertise them here. Here's what she has to say about the dresses:

I don't have any great shots of the bridesmaid dresses unfortunately. Although my girls were pregnant at the time, the dresses were hand made by Dominico Kuanang in Brighton (as was my dress) and he made sure the panels were easy to take in so they could be worn post-maternity!

Details of my wedding dress: Dress size 10 with lace up back so slightly adjustable but I wouldn't say 12. Silk organza layers, very lightweight, great for dancing and warm weather. A ribbon tie under the skirts to attach to your wrist for dancing. I'm 5'5'' and wore 2-3inch heels.
Bridesmaid dress 1: size 14/16 100% silk two-tone olive green& pink. Puff skirt. Difficult to describe!
Bridesmaid dress 2: size 10 100% silk two-tone olive green& pink with puff skirt.

For more details email Karina.


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